The Abby Downton, in St Augustine

We in Saint Augustine see a lot of exhibits and are surrounded by many wonderful museums, so it takes something special to turn our heads. And the traveling exhibit of Dressing Downton 'Changing Fashion for Changing Times' does just that, and then some.

We were luck enough to see the spectral an hour before the opening night gala event. And we barely recognized the 3rd floor ballroom. It's been transformed into rooms of Highclere Castle, if for only 10 weeks. And standing around each 'room' are the beautiful costumes of the the Public TV show, Downton Abby.

The exhibition has stooped at 8 other cities already and this is the last and final place to see the traveling show. Asheville, Richmond, Cincinnati, Anaheim, Oshkosh, Chicago, South Bend, and Nashville have already enjoyed record turnout to see not the actors of this very popular show, but their costumes in the proper setting.

And what a setting! The Lightner Museum has flung open the attic doors and filled their ballroom with 17 room vignettes of wonderful furniture, art, sculpture, and other period paintings, it's breath taking. The St Augustine Historic Inns are sponsoring 2 of them. The Pantry an the Bedroom, of course.

Again, it's your last chance to see the exhibit in the US so hurry and get your tickets today, and book a room at the Hemingway House B&B too.


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