Air B&B? Or is it just a Air-B?

Recently we were visiting our neighbors - as we like to do because they are all bartenders - when the folks sitting at the bar next to me announced that they are staying at an Air B&B! And I just had to ask... 'So how's the breakfast?' I was surprised to find out that they did not get breakfast with their Air B&B. So I suggested that they might not be staying at an Air B&B but rather, an Air-B. Because after all, the second B stands for Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfasts are as old as travel itself. The first folks to travel did not have a place to stay when they got to their destination, so someone opened their home to the strangers. I have no doubt that's where manners were borne. They are very popular in a civilized country like England, but one can find them all over Europe and of course now in America.

We Americans changed the the B and B concept a little bit. We took it from sharing a bed in a room at someone's home, where you have to share the bathroom down the hall with all the other 'lodgers' to, Getting your private room with a private bath. The American traveler is just a little more demanding - what can we say? But even now, most of the the English B&Bs are witching to this private bath concept.  What can we say; American's are a positive influence.

So back to our AirB&B folks.  After asking about breakfast, I just had to ask, 'Is it close; did you walk downtown today?' And they said no, they had to drive about 10 minutes to get into town. So come to find out, when they booked it looked like a great deal, but I showed them that after buying breakfast, looking for parking, paying for parking, and then taking the risk of having a 'good time' only to driving back. And the fact that some 'real' BandBs actually have an adult-beverage social-hour each evening. I'ts clear that the value they were looking for, just might not be there.

We understand everyone's desire to save money these days but, some times that gets expensive. When looking on AirBandB remember to consider a real Bed and Breakfast in the heart of town, the heart of old St Augustine, like the Hemingway house B&B. (Yes, two Bs!)


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