The E. Hemingway Special Daiquiri

Do you know the E. Hemingway special daiquiri recipe? Well I didn’t until I published a book for Roger Shadow,Weekend at Hemingway’s, were I learned that little tidbit and so much more about the great writer. Heck, I even learned the history of the daiquiri! It’s an amazing book that any Hemingway lover should have in their collection. You can buy a copy here

Roger met Hemingway in Cuba, back in 1958, spent the weekend with him (hence the title) and the two men spend the whole time talking, drinking, and eating their way through a slew of topics. From Geo-political topics of the day (before my time) to what Papa thought of the actors/actresses who played his parts in the movies (now part that I liked). They talked of fishing, of course, and boats – well, one boat, the only boat Hemingway owned: Pilar. 

Mary Welsh
But back to daiquiris; it was in Havana, a place called El Floridita de Cuba, La Habana Vieja where the very first daiquiri was created and they keep pouring them.  And wouldn’t you know it that was Papa’s hang-out when he and his last wife, Mary Welsh, would spend the winters down there in their villa in San Francisco de Paula. It’s just a sleepy village in the hills outside of Havana. 
But back to Hemingway’s daiquiri!  Papa loved La Foridita calling it, ‘one of the world’s truly great watering holes!’ Papa made friends everywhere he went and La Foridita was no different. Papa befriended the friendly, and talkative, bartender, Jesus.   So when Roger walked up to the La Foridita’s bar and ordered a cold beer from Jesus, Jesus talked him into an E. Hemingway Special daiquiri instead. Jesus assured Roger that it was truly Papa’s own recipe. Which Rodger wrote down and confirmed with Papa because, before the day was done Roger had an appointment to meet Mr. Hemingway, and spend the weekend with him at his villa in the hills that very next day. 

El Floridita de Cuba, La Habana Vieja

So what is the E. Hemingway Special Daiquiri recipe?  You can buy the book and you will have it and, so many more great stories of the Man, the Legend, the once Way of Life, that was Hemingway. Or, you can come stay at Hemingway House B&B and read it our copy of Weekend at Hemingway’s.


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