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Saint Augustine means Romance

One of the biggest reasons guest come to Saint Augustine is how romantic it is here in St Augustine. And not at first but, as if it’s the biggest discovery since Florida was discovered by Juan Ponce in 1513.  And so if the gentlemen are listening, here’s a great tip for your love life: Book a trip to St Augustine for a romantic weekend… If you are looking for a bit of romance, and who isn’t, you got to go to Saint Augustine Florida.

It sounds simple, yes, but what makes it so romantic? Well, the city is actually little European village, it really is. It was founded by the Spanish and streets were laid-out in the late 1565 and there has been no change ever since. Oh sure, some structures have come and gone with each new improvement project or city-wide fire but, we still have about 18 colonial structures. And through it all (450 years of it all) this old city still holds the original romantic charm it got from Spain.  That and, with a little help from Henry Flagler, too.

So what does …

El Galeón returns to Saint Augustine, her home port