Pirates & Saints – Yup, it's Spring in St Augustine once again

Now that the nights of lights are far behind us, and St Avalentines day is done, we look forward to the coming spring and all the fun that comes with it – from pirates sacking the city of Saint Augustine to the to the foot tapping and beer drinking party of Saint Pat’s Day – you have better say your prayers.

To begin with, our high-season is here so we suggest booking your room early; else you may be out in the cold. If Hemingway House & the Inn on Charlotte are full, check out our Association Availability page where you can see a list of the other 22 B&Bs in the Association and see it they have available rooms for your date, or not.

Shortly after the pedals fall off the stem of the roses of Saint Valentine’s Day, the pirate Searle’s will, yet again, sack the city of Saint Augustine.  Back in 1668, Robert Searle, the dreaded ‘privateer’, sacked and burned St Augustine marking the last of the successful attacks on St Augustine. Because, after Searle and his men, "slipped into the harbor and attacked the sleeping town, killing sixty people and pillaging government buildings, churches and homes. “ This action forcing the powers that be to finally build serious defenses, including a fort made of Coquina. And Castillo de San Marko still stands undefeated to this day.  But there will still be a sacking, re-enacting the original, which includes (loud) period-firearms fire, running with knifes (swords) and calling of names. Nothing like 17th Century verbal taunting (Reminds us of our high school years)  but it’s still worth seeing at least once in your life tine.

The Grand Event of spring is a practically a Celtic National Convention / Super bowl / New Years all wrapped up into one weekend. The Saint Augustine Celtic Fest!  Starting the weekend before, (but the fun goes through Saint Patrick’s Day at one Irish pub or another) is the St Augustine Celtic Festival!  This March 11th - 13th is the St Augustine Celtic Festival that includes: Highland Games, Whisky Tasting, Song, Dance, Parade, gathering of the Clans, and so much more.   It was only 5 Years ago that our neighbor and friend, the late John Meehan, started this amazing festival, St Augustine’s largest, and his sprit is still felt each year when seeing everyone enjoying this tremendous event. If you miss the Festival, all week long until St Pat’s day all the Pubs Meehan’s & Barley Republic) of town are filled with music, beer, and good cheer.  It’s hard to explain, so please come and see for yourself and raise a pint to John – he would appreciate that.

And Speaking of John Meehan, he is – again – a sponsor of St. Augustine Race Week March 31st – April 2nd. As the website says, “Three-day offshore PHRF regatta This Class will have daylight ocean racing March 31st and April 1 and 2. Spinnaker and non-spinnaker classes with PHRF scoring..”  We personally love watching the youngsters competing in bay racing – always fun to watch from the bay front, or Meehan’s front-porch.

So be it for the pirates, or for a Saints, be sure to come see these exciting spring events here in America’s oldest city, Saint Augustine Florida; which is the most romantic city in Florida, if not the most romantic city in the country.


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