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Pirates & Saints – Yup, it's Spring in St Augustine once again

Now that the nights of lights are far behind us, and St Avalentines day is done, we look forward to the coming spring and all the fun that comes with it – from pirates sacking the city of Saint Augustine to the to the foot tapping and beer drinking party of Saint Pat’s Day – you have better say your prayers.
To begin with, our high-season is here so we suggest booking your room early; else you may be out in the cold. If Hemingway House & the Inn on Charlotte are full, check out our Association Availability page where you can see a list of the other 22 B&Bs in the Association and see it they have available rooms for your date, or not.
Shortly after the pedals fall off the stem of the roses of Saint Valentine’s Day, the pirate Searle’s will, yet again, sack the city of Saint Augustine.  Back in 1668, Robert Searle, the dreaded ‘privateer’, sacked and burned St Augustine marking the last of the successful attacks on St Augustine. Because, after Searle and his men, "slipped in…