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Secret Romantic Season

If you missed this year's Nights of Light, there is great news.  It's still going on and what's more, room rates are down too! The holidays may have subsided but, for for the next month; the Old Town of St Augustine will remain awash in tiny white lights as the 22nd annual Nights of Lights go on all the way through the end of January. And the secret is: room rates are down & crowds are gone!

This globally recognized event as singled out by National Geographic as one of the only 2 places in the whole USA for 'Best Holiday Lights'; and highlighted by AAA as one of its “12 Favorite Places to Catch the Holiday Spirit in the USA and Canada; as well as the named by American Bus Association as  one of the nation’s top 100 events yet again.

The Nights of Lights are kept on through till the end of January. So for those who could not make it during the holidays, can still come see them. And the best parts are:

Room rates are lower Lines at restaurants are smaller And the c…