A Gathering of Pirates in St Augustine

Living in the nation’s oldest city we expect festivals, parties, parades, and military re-enactments. But now it’s the time of the Pirates Gathering; complete with a Buccaneer Bash, a Thieves Market, and so much more…

Out of anything you can do throughout the year here in St Augustine, and there are a lot of things, The Pirate’s Gathering has got to be one of the coolest and funfest. Where else can the young and sexy dress like the scamp Capt. Jack Sparrow, or the lovely lady Miss Swann, or even the young and brave Will Turner, and older folks like us can become the grotesque Capt. Barbossa, Davy Jones, or even the handy Mr. Gibbs for a weekend? It really is fun seeing these swashbuckling characters walking the streets of St Augustine. We’ve even seen mom, dad, and the kiddies dressed up as the pirate family.  

This year’s Gathering – the 8th annual – will be held 1 week after Halloween, on November 6th 7th & 8th. But there’s more than just a Buccaneer bash. On Friday the 6th the gates open at 1:00 PM, with 2 stages for music, a field of combat, a full historic exhibit living history demonstrations ‘with incredible characters’. Saturday the 7th visitors can begin the mayhem at 10:00 AM, with a Pirate Crew Promenade down St George St at 12 Noon.

And yet there’s more, including mutiny weapons demonstrations, a sailor’s encampment, thieves market, story tellers, and shanty signers. But the most important thing you will see will be you. You dressed as your favorite 17th century sailing character enjoying a weekend with like-minded folk and enjoying what you love most. Swashbuckling! 

So grab your favorite wench, your sword, and your compass, and then point your bow to the horizon and head for Port St Augustine for the Pirates Gatherings!


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