Newly found Hemingway House in Cuba making the news

While we have known for year of Papa’s favorite home, and the longest he ever lived in one place, in San Francisco de Paula our side of Havana, Cuba it seems the world is finding it too.  Everywhere you turn today, you see and read articles about folks finding La Finca Vigia, the name of Hemingway’s tropic home. But what’s so cool about this is that our buddy Rodger Shadow currently finishing the writing this book about spending the weekend with Hemingway himself, is that same house.

Here is one such article from the Palm Beach Daily News about the famous writer’s beloved home with pictures and information about the books Hemingway wrote while living there. And so does Rodger Shadow. Who is Roger Shadow? He spent the weekend with Hemingway in Cuba back in 1958, and he has several pics of the interior of the home of his own; as well as; a detailed description of his time in spent in each room with the bigger of life persona of Hemingway. What kind of Details? Detail like Papa’s personal description of “The Tower” that Miss Mary, Hemingway’s last wife, had built for him to write in, but it was never used for that.

And then from the Los Angeles Times, there is this article with more detailed description and of the life and loves of Hemingway. But Rodger Shadow is the only one who actually spoke to Papa and has recorded the conversation for posterity in his soon to be published book: Weekend at Hemingway's.

And there are even more articles to read if you have time. We saw this one from Mashable; and one from Winknews’s.

Roger shares his insight into the legendary author that includes topics from politics, to Hollywood, to fishing, to cocktails, to great Cuban food, to the US tinkering in geopolitical events during last century, and so much more.  Also, after reading
Weekend at Hemingway’s you will never look at those vastly wide steps up to Hemingway’s La Finca Vigia home the same again.  Trust me.

This book has just been published and we recommend anyone who may want to know more about Hemingway to buy a copy. 


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