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Happy 450th Birthday, New World

No matter what you think of Europeans colonizing the ‘New World’ during the 15th & 16th Centuries, this September 8th will mark the 450th year when Europeans established a colony here, in North America – and this colony is still here to this day. 
This colony was named after Saint Augustine, whose feast day it is on September 8th, this Spanish colony survived when so many colonies of its time failed because, of the foresight of its new governor, Pedro Menendez. There is much already said about Pedro and other Spanish conquistadors, but the results of his wise decisions have survived for 450 years, with many more to come – God willing.
Years after Pedro founded the city of St Augustine, the British tried to establish North American Colony of their own called Roanoke where they failed, and failed disastrously. But finally about 60 years after, a boatful of Pilgrims barely eked through a New England winter in Plymouth to establish a permanent English colony.
Why did St Augustine thrive…

Weekend at Hemingway's - Published by Bed and Breakfast

The Hemingway House Bed and Breakfast Inn in St Augustine FL is proud to announce it has published a book by Roger Shadow, who in 1958 spent an entire weekend with Papa Hemingway at his home, La Finca Vigia, in San Francisco de Paula Cuba.  The book is packed full of the great
author's thoughts and insights to life as he knew it, which was saying a lot.

You can buy a copy here and while it’s not long, nor a heavy read, around 150 pages, each page is bursting with keen and brilliant insights, as well as little quirks about the famous author and the people he knew.  From his diet to his many visitors from Hollywood you will learn what Hemingway thought of ‘Hollywood Stars’ who portrayed characters from Hemingway’s books.
And there is so much more. You see at the time roger met  Hemingway, Papa was in the twilight of his years. So when Roger Shadow made the serendipitous phone call from Hemingway’s favorite bar, La Floridita, to Hemingway’s house  and spoke to ‘Miss Mary’, Hemingw…

Newly found Hemingway House in Cuba making the news

While we have known for year of Papa’s favorite home, and the longest he ever lived in one place, in San Francisco de Paula our side of Havana, Cuba it seems the world is finding it too.  Everywhere you turn today, you see and read articles about folks finding La Finca Vigia, the name of Hemingway’s tropic home. But what’s so cool about this is that our buddy Rodger Shadow currently finishing the writing this book about spending the weekend with Hemingway himself, is that same house.
Here is one such article from the Palm Beach Daily News about the famous writer’s beloved home with pictures and information about the books Hemingway wrote while living there. And so does Rodger Shadow. Who is Roger Shadow? He spent the weekend with Hemingway in Cuba back in 1958, and he has several pics of the interior of the home of his own; as well as; a detailed description of his time in spent in each room with the bigger of life persona of Hemingway. What kind of Details? Detail like Papa’s person…