Knowledge is Power ~ Fill the Gaps

With all the positive responses we have gotten about this post, thank you very much, we wanted to add another layer to the Tricks in your toolbox...
If you go to the St Augustine Historic Inns Availability page, enter the date of the weekend you are looking to visit, then look for inns that are full Friday, but not Saturday nights (or visa versa)... that's a Gap! While we can not ensure that that particular B&B will allow the one night booking, we can assure you that there is a strong possibility. Travel Safe. 

Have you ever wanted to say at a Bed and Breakfast for only one night, but you could not find an Inn that would let you because they have a '  Minimum Night Stay' requirement of 2-nights, or even 3-nights? Was this frustrating, did this upset up? Well I hope this article can help you both understand the 2-night minimum requirement, and to help you work with the Innkeeper to get a one night only stay.

2-night minimums are a tool that helps longer staying guests plan their trip better. If you were coming in from New Jersey, or the Philly area using the new Frontier Air flight from Trenton, you would want to stay a long weekend or even 4 nights. But wait your trip plans are destroyed because all the B&Bs/Inns are booked for just one night, Saturday night, right in the middle of your visit… Argh!

So that is the reason for Minimum Night Stays. Now the question is: How do you work within the system to get a one night booking? Let me try to answer your question now.

First: Most bed and breakfasts drop their minimum-night after a defined period of time. For instance, we drop ours 7 days (a week) prior. That gives the folks who are making longer-stay plans the time to book the rooms of their choosing. But within one week, chances are those folks are done making those plans.  And it’s easy for our more local guests to make plans for next weekend using that one night room. So we release it. 

So the trick is: Sunday morning, check our booking system for Saturday night only rooms.

Second: Fill the Gaps. Gaps are when there is one room left because of the way other bookings affect the booking calendar. Like if someone books Wed, Thurs & Friday. And another person books Sunday & Monday nights for the same room.  That leaves a Saturday night hanging out there, all alone. We call these ‘Gaps’. And we want the Gap filled!  So we announce these Gaps as a ‘Gap Alerts’ on our Face book page.

So the trick is:  Become ‘Fans’ of one or two B&Bs (we suggest Inn on Charlotte & Hemingway House B&B) that you like, and ask them to post their 'Gap Alerts' when they have a one night only rooms.

We hope we have helped in any small way to relive the frustration (and animosity) of our more local returning guests. Knowing how things work allows us to work within the system to make it work for our needs. See you soon.


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