Spring Is In The Air

It’s that time of year, when the Cardinals start their songs and the buds are just showing on the early trees.  Spring is not quite here, but like the birds and some trees, we always rush to get spring started early.

We have found that most folks coming to St Augustine bed and breakfasts in the spring-time are returning to St Augustine. Guests are either on their way south to a warmer destination for the duration of the winter, or as a spring-time escape, if only for a few days. But most know of St Augustine and its magical charm which I find fascinating.  Like the migrating birds, these northern snow-birds take flight and head south after the winter gets too long, or too cold.

What we love best, are guests looking for a better, and newer bed and breakfast experience. Those who have been going to the same place for some time, only to realize there are other, newer B&Bs in town. Like the Hemingway House B&B, these new Bed and Breakfast are hard to find because new B&Bs in St Augustine don’t come around every day. 

So with brand new bathrooms, one for each guestroom, and brand new beds and furniture in each room, the new Hemingway house bed and breakfast is ready to accept guests heading south this spring. So take some time to see what we have to offer, like complimentary parking (all but one room, park onsite), and a free wine social hour each evening, and the best breakfast in town – we pride ourselves on feeding our guests well. And did we mention, every room is upstairs and has a covered balcony! Baloneys are the best way to experience a Florida Spring.

So whether you two have been coming here for generations, or if you are a first timer, put the Hemingway House bed and breakfast on your short list today, and come see us this Spring.


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