indow Saved Our Lives?

Start in the middle and Tuck
Now that our indow windows are in, we can't imagine living in an urban environment without them.

Seriously, these indow windows have saved our lives by giving us the gift of a peaceful sleep in a room, that had deprived us of that, for several months now. If you have followed this blog you know the story of how we learned of these new inside storm-windows (for lack of a better word), and you recall that we measured our windows ourselves, and then waited the 6 weeks to be delivered; And sure enough, they were right on time.

We failed to take a picture or video of the blissful event; we were way too excited about getting them installed.  You see, installation is simply tucking them into their opening, so it goes fast, and if you don't have the presence of mine to stop and take the pics right then and there, you will miss it.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, they arrived via UPS freight. And it took us all of 20 minutes to have our bedroom (4 windows) practically sound proof to daily life on Charlotte St. I should explain, we live on a busy street.
Tuck to the top

We love St Augustine Florida and love even more, living in a Bed and Breakfast on a lively street, in a lively town, until… bed-time. That was when all the joy evaporated by the overwhelming need to sleep, and sleep restfully. You see we, through our single-pane, single hung-sash, windows, we heard it all. And we mean everything. Like if a car drove down the brick-lined street, we head ever brick each tire touched, like a little babbling brook. But there’s more, we would hear the squeaky barring on the car wheel, the rattling exhaust, and the music coming from the open car-door window. And the list of what sounds would come through our bedroom windows goes on…
  • Conversations, as folks walked by
  • Rattling hand-trucks/ delivery dollies going by
  • Skateboard, bicycles, scooters, carts, baby-buggies, and high-heels

Don't misunderstand us, we are not saying our room is now sound proof, by no means. But as we stood there looking out the window after installing the indow windows, all we heard was our own breathing. WOW! We looked out and saw mouths move without hearing the conversation; we saw deliveries taking place,
Tuck to the bottom
but no sound from the delivery device; cars went by without a peep out of the tires. It was a solemn moment, and yes, we had to wipe a tear away, it’s true. But there are limits to any sound proofing.

The deep and very loud sounds do still penetrate into our room but the key is, it does not penetrate like it use to. The garbage trucks (we have three every morning) use to knock us right out of the bed each morning! But now, it’s a distant deep rumbling sound, not the high-end metal clanking sound. And sure, when the thuggish-look-at-me-boom-box-booming cars drive by the house shakes. But then it also shakes for the we-don't-know-why-but-we-can't-stop-revving-our-obnoxiously-loud-motorcycles motorcyclists, and the ubiquitous Boy-racer next-door and his cherry-bomb exhaust on his little Japanese car. Along with the other deep-bass sounds will still get through, but then nothing can stop those noises short of 8” of cement with no openings.  

Finished - just like that
So now we have begun to show our friends, and show other local B&B owners, and even our B&B guests (we are really proud of them) these new miracle indow windows and we are getting great response. And we have gone so far as to talk our friend Terry, into becoming the local supplier of this new amazing product. So we will tell you too: If you are looking for something for your windows to save your historic window, save some money, save the headache of construction that replacement windows bring, and you want to stop the sounds, stop the drafts, and even stop the light if you wish (they offer a black-out version), with this simple but tremendously effective product, you can have it all. And their customer service is above average. We are particularly, very impressed with, Jessie. She held our hand through the whole process. Thank you Jessie! We at the Hemingway house Bed and Breakfast proudly recommend the indow window


  1. Thank you for sharing your joy! May you sleep right through the revelry tonight! Happy New Year!!!


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