America's Paris - For A Short While

We are constantly asked by guests, ‘What’s the best time to come to St Augustine?’ But to answer that question, we need more information, because there are different times of the year to come for different reasons. And inevitably they say, ‘When are your lowest rates?’ and that reply is always the same, ‘During our most romantic time of year, January and early February.'

Why is January the most romantic time, you might ask? Well that’s easy, it’s the slowest month of the year in St Augustine and the Nights of Lights are still up - all the way thru the month of January!  So not only do you and your love-dove have the city to yourselves, practically, when walking each evening, with the nights-of-lights guiding your way through the streets of old St Augustine, is just so darn… Romantic!

While the Christmas Décor has coming down, the tiny white lights outlining the cities buildings remain lit, and if you have not seen it... It’s beautiful and cannot be missed. Combine that with the lowest occupancy (AKA: No lines at the bars, or no waits at restaurants), and with Room-Rates the lowest of the year, you have the perfect storm of a romantic getaway, right here in North Florida.

So while the holidays are still ringing in your head, or your credit card statements anyway, think about the last time the two of you did something for the other. And book your stay at the Hemingway House Bed and Breakfast for a reasonably priced romantic rendezvous. 

Hemingway House in the heart center of it all: Where every room (less one) park on-site, every room has a brand-new bathroom and comfy bed, and every room has a balcony, wine social-hour, and the great breakfasts we are known for. Come see us this January.


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