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America's Paris - For A Short While

We are constantly asked by guests, ‘What’s the best time to come to St Augustine?’ But to answer that question, we need more information, because there are different times of the year to come for different reasons. And inevitably they say, ‘When are your lowest rates?’ and that reply is always the same, ‘During our most romantic time of year, January and early February.'
Why is January the most romantic time, you might ask? Well that’s easy, it’s the slowest month of the year in St Augustine and the Nights of Lights are still up - all the way thru the month of January!  So not only do you and your love-dove have the city to yourselves, practically, when walking each evening, with the nights-of-lights guiding your way through the streets of old St Augustine, is just so darn… Romantic!
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While the Christmas D├ęcor has coming down, the tiny white lights outlining the cities buildings remain lit, and if you have not seen it... It’s beautiful and cannot be…

indow Saved Our Lives?

Now that our indow windows are in, we can't imagine living in an urban environment without them.
Seriously, these indow windows have saved our lives by giving us the gift of a peaceful sleep in a room, that had deprived us of that, for several months now. If you have followed this blog you know the story of how we learned of these new inside storm-windows (for lack of a better word), and you recall that we measured our windows ourselves, and then waited the 6 weeks to be delivered; And sure enough, they were right on time.
We failed to take a picture or video of the blissful event; we were way too excited about getting them installed.  You see, installation is simply tucking them into their opening, so it goes fast, and if you don't have the presence of mine to stop and take the pics right then and there, you will miss it.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, they arrived via UPS freight. And it took us all of 20 minutes to have our bedroom (4 windows) practically sound proo…

British Night Watch

A dramatic spectacle! That’s about all I could think when I first saw the torch-lit Night Watch the procession go by on the streets of St Augustine those years ago. And this year’s 40th annual Night Watch parade will be held on Saturday December 6th at 8:00pm.

There are few events in St Augustine that evoke as much drama and passion as this. While Drake’s Raid is loud and exciting, it’s the Night Watch that reminds us there were more than just solders in these historic events. With the Night Watch parade it includes wives, children, natives, and allies, so we are reminded that each 18th century new-world settlements relied on more than just an army.

These re-enactors are serious about their craft. For example, we’ve seen camps replete with an arms repairer, wares seller, dress maker, tavern tent, wives mending uniforms, and even children running about in costume. But wait, there’s more. Historically allies were not only needed for supplementing armies, they were needed for t…