Top 5 Reasons to Light-up Your Life

We were about to being the Nights of Lights Hemingway House B&B Blog when a friend forwarded us this posting of “Why St. Augustine Has More Holiday Spirit Than You”, and we realized what a big chore writing about this time of year really is.  After all, there is so much to write about and so much to do here in St Augustine for the holidays. But these are fun and unique things to do.

And it's a good list but, while most of the items on that ‘List’ are great, and each worth a trip to St Augustine alone, this Blog is for a more adult, more relaxed, and focused on culturally significant experiences.  So my ‘List’ will be made of food, drink, and merriment, and here we go. St Augustine is best for a Holiday visit because…

  1) We have over 100 restaurants in walking distance. Let’s face it, by the time to get to St Augustine for the Holiday’s you’ve already done the shopping, visiting, returning, and everything else on your feet and they are killing you. But when you stay here there are more convenient dining choices with in steps. And there is more; most of these independent restaurants are chef/family owned and operated with unique menus and unique dishes. (Pictured: Old City House)

  2) We have over 50 Bars within walking distance. Ditto from above, but after dinner you will want to relax, and with each Bar having a unique vibe, and different musical genres. And while it will be difficult choosing your favorite, it will be fun trying. And remember, I said within walking distance. (Pictured: Isabela's Bar Cuba)

  3) We have the most dedicated re-enactors who perform the annual British Night Watch – one for the most profound events of the year. This night-time event drives home the long history of this little city and is a unique to St Augustine you’ll ever see. And the folks who take part in the event are so dedicated – it’s interesting meeting and talking with them. (Pictured: Volley of fire on the Plaza) 

  4) We have the Ximenez-Fatio House. One of the finest period homes/boarding houses in St Augustine.  This gem is several tours in one, since the ximenez-fatio house was a home, boarding house, general store, you name it. It’s run by the Florida Chapter of the Colonial Dames, who do a great job of maintaining and giving tours of the property.(Pictured: internal courtyard) 

  5) And finally, the Floridian’s Inside Secrete – The Nights of Lights stay up all the way through January! What’s that you say, ‘But Christmas is over by then.’ Yes it is, but also gone are the holly jolly trolleys full of hordes of kids screaming out songs, and also gone are the lines at restaurants & bars. Gone are the high room rates, crowded streets, and crazy servers.  This beautiful little town becomes all yours, with all the building outlined in little white-lights looking like an American Paris… It’s very romantic, and a great time to come. Hey after all, you get to wear your favorite coat, sweater, scarf, & gloves, right?

So come for the Christmas Spirit, or come after, either way you have the best place on the planet so spend your holiday time-off right here in St Augustine, Florida.


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