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So now you know we are Old House People, but did you know it’s not easy being an old house person? After all, who else needs to know so much, about some many different things, than we, the Old House folks?  And we truly appreciate architecture of our old homes no matter the style, be it 2nd Empire, Neo-Classic, Gothic, Vernacular, and that does not even mention the ‘revival’ styles. Period architecture can be a beautiful thing.

We love the charm and character that old windows give a great old house. It’s just a given.  And whenever you can save them, by all means, save them. But the reality is, sometimes when your surroundings pressures beyond your control, you to consider replacing your beautiful old windows. Sometimes you just have to consider it, and I understand that with winter power bills beat-up your wallet or the cars driving by botheryou sleep, reality makes you do things. And we came to that place this past summer; we thought of replacing our wonderful windows.

But we were saved, because now there is an alternative:indows.

A kind guest told us about indows (best tip ever), and we checked them out, it was real easy to make the decision to move forward with the project. I was easy because indows has so many helpful videos answering our every question.  Easy-queasy as the kids says. So we called and got a bid. We liked the price that came back, especially when priced against brand new windows and the constructions that come with new windows.
We do not have a dealer in our area so after sending in our deposit, based on a rough estimate, they sent a complete kit for measuring our window openings. It had a laser measuring devise, sample parts, and guides used to ensure the window could take the indow we were about to install.  But there was a catch – I had added Plantation Shutters to my windows, and the opening was not just right.  But that was no problem for indows, they quickly got their experienced pros on the issue, and through their extensive experience they had a solution for me in no time.

I took a moment to review the measuring video, I made my measurements using my Laptop to fill-in the spreadsheet they supplied, and before I knew it. I was done. The spreadsheet is a smart one too; it tells you if your measurements need to be redone. Simply email the spreadsheets back to indows and your done. They take it from there. So that’s where we are… waiting for the actual inserts to arrive.

Stay tuned…


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