Old House People and Our Windows

For those of you who know us, you know we are Old House People.

We, for as long as we can remember, have been 'old house people'. If you don't know what that means, we are those strange folks who, when given a choice, will pick the old broken-down house over the new shiny house. We have written about this in the past, but we caught the Old House bug from a childhood friend of my cousin Kathy's who hosted us in her amazing old house in old-town Huntsville Alabama one weekend.  It was the 'pilgrimage' weekend which is their Old House tour weekend and that's all it took - we were hooked. (Thank you Kay!)

There is nothing quite like an old house, starting with the smells, the sounds, the scale, and of course the raw and honest architecture. You just can not get these in a modern house. We got our own old house in the mid 90s is the quintessential Old South City of Covington Ga. Where many cinematic productions, over 50, have used the idyllic streets and iconic houses for decades as a backdrop, sometimes as a character, and even giving the town the starting roll in some. We are talking about movies like, Remember the Titans, My Cousin Vinny, Oldest Living Confederate widow, Cannonball Run, as well as the TV series; Vampire Diaries, In the Heat of the Night, and The Dukes of Hazzard among many more. It was that last TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard that changes a lot of young boys and girls lives in the late 1970s, and ours too in the 1990s.

Where were we?  Oh right, in Covington, Ga. It was after returning to our modern home in Stone Mountain Ga. at the time, after seeing the old homes of Huntsville AL that we searched every county seat and hamlet or village within driving distance to our jobs that we came across our beloved old home. She is an impressive 1854 Neoclassic, 4-over-4, balloon construction, timber-framed, almost 5000 sq/ft beauty, the Zachary-Echols House on Echols Street. It was so rundown at one point it was featured in episode #1 of Dukes of Hazzard as the old Sheridan Orphanage. No Joke.

We don't have the time to go into details of the next 9 years of bringing her, as we say, 'back to her former grandeur'. But in any case, long story short, She only took two things, 1) Every minute (not a lot of vacations away, mainly stay-cations)
2) Every dime - nuff said. While we used modern technology whenever we could afford and when it worked. we never seriously thought to touching our beautiful old windows. After all they still had their original wavy hand-blown glass lights, and centuries old mordis and tenne 'pegged' sashes (loose awe they were). But when it came winter-time, we did start thinking about our windows. After all, on a windy day the window sheers would bellow out into the room, while the windows were closed! Yes, the heavy drapes (fabulous drapes, by the way) helped, they really did. But then again, when we paid the monthly power bill, we had another urge to re-think our old windows. But city ordinances would then play a roll in what we could replace them with. Yikes!

So thank God, for the internet - we started researching alternatives. Through our research we found one solution, that't it. And this one required US to give perfect detailed measurements, and was made of a large dangerous sheet of thin glass, Also, it has tracks that are installed at the top & bottom of the window opening...  We never pulled the trigger on that product. It just did not fit our needs. We could not bring ourselves to permanently install the ugly tracks, and did not want an 'accident' with the large sheets of glass.

Now that we have a 'new' old house. This time in downtown St Augustine on Charlotte St. And being in Florida, it's not the cold drafts we worry about this time, it's the street. You see, the best old houses are usually very near streets and roads.  

So we were on the search again for a window solution, and a guest suggested (the best resource in the world - B&B guests)  indows. I had never heard of them so I looked into it and I was totally blown away! You see, this new solution is designed to do what we need them to do, cut down on noise, without having to mount tracks or handle large sheets of glass. It's simply the best product out there for this particular application. But wait there is more. They cut down on drafts too! This was too good to be true right? We did not wait, we immediately contacted the company and started the process of buying and installing indows for the Hemingway house, our current old house.  

So we will blog another time or two letting you know how the project goes. But let me leave you with this, what little we have interacted with the people of indows, we are confident this project will be super successful.  So come back and checkout the next update soon.


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