It's A Pirates Life For Me

One of the things we love best about St Augustine are it's characters, and the weekend that brings them out, and their out-of-town relatives, is this one. It's time for the Pirates Gathering!

Your heard us right: A Pirates Gathering right here in St Augustine; and even though they are about 300 years too late, it's a hell of a time. For instance, they have a Smugglers Market, and Buccaneers Bash. Just the kind of event to bring out the mayhem out of anyone. Music, food and of course, RUM rounds out amenities.

The event takes place on the St Frances Field, the grassy plain to the West of the parking deck, but is not limited to that space. All week long we will see Jack Sparrows walking... What? Oh, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrows... walking up and down the streets along with lovely wenches and even the little pirate mates from time to time. (too cute)

So get your tickets and book your room - before they are gone - for one of the funnest festivals in St Augustine, the Pirates Gathering! Held this November 7th - 9th in St Augustine Florida.


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