Art Lovers Paradise, Yes.

Living in such a beautiful city we sometimes forget that it's not only the architects and designers that make a place so nice, but also the the artists that live and work there as well. St Augustine has been known for it's lively arts culture you over 100 years now, and it lives on, and can be seen, today.

It might be our weakness that when we turn to write about our town that we are always turning to food & drink. (Some might actually call it our strong-points) but, we must remember the great artists of the city as well. They, just as much as the food & wine, make St Augustine what it is today.

There are several local painters that we prefer and have patronized, and collected; (The Inn on Charlotte is full of works form one such artist) but we think no art-scene can be more diverse than the St Augustine art-scene.  The spectrum of art is mind boggling, from street urchins making flowers from palm fronds, to world-class sculptures, to a landmark museum, this town has it all.

If it's all too much for you, start simple; try the candle maker or tile maker.  These two share a little shack on the end of Charlotte St. But down the side-street from them, Cuna Street, is the 'The Starving Artist' a shop for the lesser known artists in town. It's full of collections of eclectic items made by local artists.  There is something for everyone here, and at any price-point.

Then there is the art-district, South of King Street, with its many shops of all sorts of medium. From jewelry, to leather, to sculpture, to of course paintings.  This is where the streets come alive each first Friday of the month during First Friday Art Walks. This event is not just for art lovers, no. You will find the artists themselves enjoying the evening, many serving wine at their exhibits, and sharing their thoughts and inspirations. This event gives one the feel of being
a local.

So when you come, and you will come to St Augustine, don't just see the beauty around you. See the beauty all around and down alleys and in every corner of every shop off the beaten path.  Live St Augustine Art!


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