Johnny: New Kid on the Block?

Readers of this Blog have read about this topic before, but the soft opening is here, during August, and you really need to come check it out.

The story is a good one, and one worth reading about when you visit, but the jist of it is...

Johnny (John, to you and me) Meehan use to live and work in New Orleans, and like everything Johnny does in life, he lived it to the utmost.  You see, he use to take every opportunity to hold a party (Well duh) in his front yard, where he served the best liquor, and roasted (over a fire) the freshest oysters.  All of his his party guests, and the party crashers, loved his oysters - loved them enough to start calling Johnny's front yard, 'Famous Johnny's Oyster Bar' as if it were an actual restaurant.

Well anyone who know's John, and knows the depth of his hospitality, lengths of his generosity, and vastness of his friendship, will be happy to hear that he took everything he loved about his life in New Orleans, and brought it right here to St Augustine. And so, we are so happy that he pulled the best from his days in the Big Easy, to bring us the best new place for Seafood, in St Augustine:

That's right. A new place for the best Seafood in town. Few (not enough people anyway) knew this fact, but we did, that Meehan's already has the best seafood in town. I mean, where does he get these? His clams are always the perfect size, and sweet! But now he has created a showcase to show-off his great seafood.

There is something for everyone at Meehan's now. Marketing geeks will love his multi-marketing concept of using the same footprint to host 3 different restaurants. Food lovers will love his wide-range of fresh and unique food choices. Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers love him for having a product we are proud to recommend. And his neighbors love him for keeping up the hard work of improving an old building and improving the neighborhood. (Seriously, we really love being his neighbor!)

So if you thought St Augustine was getting stale and did not have any new places to go, or if you thought you had to go to all the way to Vilano to find good seafood, think again! You can stay right here on Charlotte St, and walk over to Johnny's (Neighbor) Fish House and Oyster Bar (at Meehan's)! and the the kicker is - it's upstairs at Meehan's on the Matanzas!  How could I forget?  The best views of the Matanzas Bay are found right here too.

We will see you at Johnny's! Famous Johnny's Fish House and Oyster Bar, that is.


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