Florida Has Perfect Fall Weather

Okay, Florida is not what you think about in late summer, unless you are under an umbrella, out at the beach, soaking in the sun... but locals know about Florida’s great fall weather and how is just around the corner. 

It’s true, each year after summer’s heat, a cool breeze blows through Florida and works its way all the way down the state to Miami.  But it’s in Northern Florida, or St Augustine in particular, that the breeze all begins.

St Augustine in the spring-time can be crowded, filled with tourists from the frozen NE, getting away from the cold, wet, grey and heading for the warmth of sunny Florida. So it’s in the fall, when things cool off and the breeze returns, that locals know to head for St. Augustine (and all the restaurants, shops, and bars) because they know they have the town to themselves.

Sometime later in September, or early October, that cool (70s) breezes blow through our town and makes all the porches the place to be just to sit and soak-in the great weather. And that’s what visitors see, all these great porches in full use, filled with wine sippers and fun-lovers.

If you and your loved one is looking for a great getaway for a bit of romance, be it the weekend or mid-week, think of coming here in the next couple months. It can be just the two of you, or with another fun-loving couples.  Think of St Augustine’s lighter number of tourists, shorter dinner waits, and good rates for the best rooms.  Come to North Florida and enjoy its great weather for your next getaway. Come to St Augustine, a very romantic city, and come to the Inn on Charlotte with it's perfect porches too. 


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