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Update on Pat's New Project

We are sorry to announce that Pat Croce new project, the purchase and redevelopment of the Santa Maria restaurant, has come to an end.

It's true. We heard it from the Pirate & Treasure Museum last night, when the St Augustine Historic Inns held
their regularly scheduled membership meeting.

Apparently, the cost to do what needs to be done, is prohibited, especially when placing the large purchase price.

So while we are sad to hear this, we are happy that Pat did not lose any money on the project.  Which leaves Pat plenty of resources for other projects in town, where he will hopefully continue to be a major part of our future.
Thank you Pat! Forward!

Tough times on Hypolita Street

Very few people know what, or even where, Hypolita Street is. But for those who know, and have narrowly missed being clipped by a trolley, they will be happy to hear there is a long over-due Street Improvement Project underway. The City is in the process of decimating the old worn and tired streets, to make room for the new fresh and improved ones and upgraded infrastructure too; but at what cost.  The businesses along the crooked old street are close to their breaking point.

The word Hypolita is, as we have researched, a tribute to Saint Augustine himself.  He was the Bishop ofHippo (in Africa near Algeria) so the residents wanted to remind the devoted, of their patron saint’s humble beginnings.  And if you have ever seen this street, it surely is humble, with tiny (if any) sidewalks, but some of the best restaurants in the city.
On the West-side of Hypolita you will find what many will tell you is the best restaurant in town, Collage. With its charming architecture, perfect service,…