Time for News of Our Own

So we have been bringing you what's new and exciting in St Augustine Florida for a little while now, and this post is no different.  But what's new about this post is that it's about us. Yes, we have new and exciting news to share with you. But first let's clear-up the rumors.

54 Charlotte St St. Augustine FL
No we are not having a baby, although it took about 9 months to complete; No we are not selling and leaving, quite to the contrary; And no, not new pets at the Inn. We know some of you want us to get a cat, others a dog, and one - who will remain nameless - wants us to get a pot-belly pig. (We don't care how adorable they are - No) Although we will be cleaning up after this one for years to come.

We are about to reopen on of St Augustine's Bed and Breakfasts under a new name, The Hemingway house. But if you have been reading this Blog you probably already suspected this news. But did you know the back-story? Let me share some of the history of this monumental change in our lives.

'Pappa' Hemingway
For those of you who didn't know the building next door to Inn on Charlotte at 54 Charlotte St. use to be a Bed and Breakfast called the Whale’s Tale B & B and was run by just a husband and wife team without employees for 15 years. They shared with me their secret of such long term success; they took days off. They were not the only person to give us that advice. We were wise to take it.

54 Charlotte was converted into a B&B about 20 years ago, and in bathroom-time that's like forever. So new cabinets and new tile was needed and we called our man, Ivan, and he made each bathroom worth the money of a nights stay.  But there was so much more to do like, wash the building, get dishes and everything other devise and utensils for the kitchen, dining, parlor, and every system you can think of.

We still have things to do like, get pics for the website, but we arranged a dear friend, Linda to come down from her home on St Simmons Island to take some pictures for us.  We will have them up soon there after. In the mean time, we suggest you go to Hemingwayhouse.net, that's Dot Net. Check out what the rooms are named after. 

Martha wife #3
Hadley Always to be wife #1
The Hemingway house Inn has seven rooms altogether, four in the main house and the others are in the back over the 1920's garage. Each has a covered balcony and each park on-site. Do you know the importance of that last item? Each of the main house rooms were named by our friend, Cheri with Budget Blinds of St Augustine, who happen to be a great company and great folks too. She is a Hemingway fan and she came up with the idea of naming rooms after his past wives. So she wrote the descriptions of each room. So please check them out, we think you will enjoy learning a little bit about the notorious writer.

Pilar - his beloved boat
So now that you know what our news, we trust you will understand both the panic looks on our faces, and trust that you will come and see for see for yourself what he has done to the little old building next door to the Inn on Charlotte. We hope that you agree with us and we welcome your reviews. Visit St Augustine’s newest reopened bed and breakfast, the  Hemingway house. 


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