St Augustine’s Musical Roots

We were looking online and found an article about music venues within the old town of Saint Augustine, Florida (on Florida’s Northeast coast) and we were genuinely shocked.  After all, we know that there are the big venues, bringing in the ‘big-ticket’ acts, like StAugustine Amphitheatre, and the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, but no way did we truly know the extent of our city’s musical cornucopia. 

So the list from St Augustine Historic Inns website, where we learned all this, has 33 venues on it! Yes, as many as 33 in little old St Augustine.  We could not get over that; after all this is our town, we live here, we work here – in the hospitality industry - we should have had some idea of the vast choices in music this town offers. That was when we realized, its time we spend more time out - after dark.

But seriously, check out this list of music venues in St Augustine:
Ann O’Malley’s Deli & Pub
MoJo’s Barbeque
Cruiser’s Grill
Local Hero’s
Milltop Tavern
Taberna del Caballo
No Name Bar (yep, that’s it’s name)
Bull & Crown
Prince of Wales Pub
Barley Republic Irish Pub
The White Lion
Stogies Jazz Bar and Listening Room
Meehan’s Irish Pub
Mi Casa Café
Scarlett O’Hara’s
Casa Maya
Tini Martini Bar
Chianti Room
Old Town Wine
Tropical Trade Winds Lounge
O.C. Whites
Arnold’s Lounge
Hurricane Patty’s
Creekside Dinery
San Sebastian Winery Cellar Upstairs
Mardi Gras Sports Bar

As we read the list, we realize that ½ dozen are right in our neighborhood, and just as many are too far away to walk to, but still – that’s a lot of music to choose from.  And each has their own style of music and different size bands, anything from a lone guitarist (Scarlett O’Hara’s) to a 5/6 piece band (Centro). Some remain within there cultural roots, (Meehan’s & Barley Republic Irish Pubs) while others have branded themselves cool (Stogies Jazz Bar and Listening Room & Rhett’s), and only have the best Jazz bands they can find.

And we have our institutions as well.  There is the everlasting, like since the dawn of time, Tropical Trade Winds Lounge.  Not only do their roots go way back in music history, some of the ‘big-ticket’ acts we told you about just might drop-in to play a set; like we said, an Institution. And what’s more, it’s right down Charlotte Street from the Inn. But the younger crowd is helping another place make its mark on St Augustine’s music scene as well. The No Name Bar - yes that is acutely its name – is pleasing the hoards of listeners across from Castillo San Marco (Old fort).

So here is what we suggest: Book a roomat your favorite B&B; Have a light dinner at a great restaurant: And begin to sample the musical venues of St Augustine by walking up and down the streets of St Augustine listening, to each act as they play, and when you find just the right one, pop-in to enjoy yourself.  It’s the best adult activity we can think of to enjoy the Nation’s oldest city at night.


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