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!Update of a previous post!

We got the opportunity to dine at Meehan's on the Matanzas this past weekend upstairs on the balcony. We love it it up there and sit there as often as we can. It's a great view, cool breeze and mostly shaded throughout the afternoon. (East facing). But this day, we got a look at the new Oyster Bar upstairs at Meehan's!!

Okay, let me wrap-up the balcony. He added high-top granite tables on each side, in areas that use to have just one view 2-top tables. But this new set-up gives everyone sitting up in that space (up to 4 now) a great view of the water.  Both north bay and south bay views.  Also out on the balcony, he's adding a high-top fire-pit... very trendy. Love love love the new changes. And he did not stop there.

The new Oyster Bar! It's beautiful! John extended and grew the up-stairs bar at Meehan's. If you have ever seen it, it was nice, but was too small. Now, it's been updated and enlarged. It has a special area for displaying raw oysters and everyone will have the best barstool in town, if they love seafood that is. John found Pecky cypress word to give the bar an aged but regional feel. The look is complete with church pews (Great for flexible seating) along the walls and the rest of the dining room is being spruced up.

Now you know the latest, but you should really see for yourself. Visit Meehan's on the Matanzas this weekend.


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