God we love this town!

We just saw the notice for Drake's Raid that's coming this weekend and said, 'Wow. Already?' and yes; it's been a year already since the last Raid of Drake's.  So not only does time speed-up when you get older, (remember when you were young. Christmas took like years and years to come around again.) but it goes even faster when you living in paradise.

For those of you who do not know about it you should come and see it for yourself. Come to St Augustine, stay at one of its many historic bed and breakfasts, and see this annual event. It's a reenactment of the illustrious 'Drake' as the Spanish called him, or 'Sir Frances Drake', as the English called him, and his band of merry men as the proceeded to sack (steal whatever you can, as quick as you can) and burn the town of St Augustine in 1586. Yes, that's like way older then Plymouth colony, I know. Anyone living in Florida knows that there is way more history down here than our school history books ever said there was - if it was mentioned at all.

So back to the love. We love hearing the muskets firing, see blaggarts... blaggart-ing. (Is that what Blaggarts do?) It make one feel alive. After all, you really don't understand how loud those things are until they go off, and then they start a folly of fire - WOW - if gets really loud. Also it reminds us how uncivilised these brutes were. From name calling, to burning, to killing. This Raiding thing made everyone's day go from tough to terrible, if not final. And between this and the Searle's Raid - reenactment is later in the season and the original was held later in 1668 - each event reminds us of the reality of 428 years ago, and how depending on what side you are on, you can be a hero of the english nation, or a scourge of a remote Spanish outpost.

So again - we love this town. It reminds us every day how valuable this moment right now, really is. Come see for yourself. Come to historic St Augustine.


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