Santa Maria Restaurant is Saved!

As if the news could not get any better in St Augustine Florida, we have just learned that Pat Croce, of the Pirate & Treasure Museum, is purchasing the Santa Maria Restaurant, on the Matanzas River! Way to go Pat!

We have always admired Mr. Croce’s work in St Augustine. His projects around this town (He has a lot in Key West too), be them the Pirate & Treasure Museum , that was moved from Key West, or the Colonial Quarter, that he recently recreated and brought back to life, or his help with First Colony at Government House, that was developed from scratch, Pat never goes half-way. Each of these projects shows his passion and commitment to both our city but to the education of our visitors as well. And education is what, sometimes, can be forgotten.

But now we hear he has purchased the only restaurant in St Augustine that we vowed never to go again, The
Santa Maria! You will remember it a that building out over the Matanzas River, just south of the city Marina, where you can feed the fish, as you dine. It is a place that was frozen in time, like it just never had to kick-up its game, like the other restaurants did in town.  It’s as if they never changed their boring menu, or even tried to be something their reputation brought them down to.

If there is anyone who knows how to maximize that location’s potential, it’s Pat! (link to his latest book) We are excited and confident that he will bring the freshest and most delicious seafood to that place, and he will lower those walls, and add a deck on the east-side of the building… because we have never had to tell him how to do it right before. He just does it!

You have big fans here, Pat! Thank you, and keep up the Great work!


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