Great news - I hope it's okay to say this - John Meehan is expanding his Meehan brand!  And expanding to our utter joy and excitement!

Every visitor and everyone who lives in St Augustine knows about Meehan's Irish Pub at 20 Avenida Menendez in the heart of St Augustine, Florida between the old Fort and the Bridge of Lions. Its the place for great food, great beer, and great music. The Pub is known for it's traditional Irish favorites like Bangers and Mash,  Fish and Chips, and Corned-beef and Cabbage. (Yum!) We have had them all, and they are great! But we are so in love with his seafood. We don't know where we gets it, but it is always perfectly fresh and delicious. The Drunken Clams are perfect to fulfill any clam fix, the Oysters Meehan are down right decadent! Wow - I just had a stomach pang thinking about them.

Yes - that's a tower of beet

And then he opened Meehan's Backyard right behind the Pub on the corner of Charlotte & Hypolita Streets. Here he had fun with both the menu and the drinks. It's just as it sounds, more casual, light and perfect for you and your pet to enjoy the great St Augustine weather. There's plenty of shade from trees and other shade-making devises, casual music, and relaxed vibe. But the salads are unique and delicious, and stuffed Poblano Pepper! WOW. But the drinks are cool to; with their 70s tiki-style containers. They even have a fishbowl drink you can share with friends.
What a view! And goo breeze too.

Now we hear he's branding the the upstairs. Upstairs at Meehan's! We love the name and are impressed with the concept of branding within the single foot-print. He said it's going to be anchored by an impressive and super functional Oyster Bar, where guests can hang-out and enjoy the great Bay-Views, the best employees, and great beer, and the better seafood! We can't wait. Let us know if you need help John, after all, that's what neighbors are for.

So go by and keep an eye on the area upstairs at Meehans; because soon it will be it's own brand and the perfect place for locals and visitors alike to hang-out, chill-out, and enjoy beautiful St Augustine!


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