Blackmail on the rise? Time for GuestAdvisor!

We were reading another Inn's article the other day and learned that an old ploy might be on the rise, with the assistance of TripAdvisor.  Sad but it seems true, according to The Telegraph TripAdvisor Blackmail is raging in the UK, and according to the Inn on Charlotte, they feel it was recently attempted at their bed and breakfast, and with good reason.

This will hit the Bed & Breakfast business harder then most, because of the fact that B&B experiences are intimate nature (Staying at someone else's house) and the inherit desire for Inn Keepers to please their guests. Being blackmailed by a guest can turn the sweetest host's heart to stone.

But what can be done about those guests who think they have an Inn Keeper by the apron strings, and are determined to tie-up their victims and get something for free? Is there a GuestAdvisor out there that business owners can you to rate their guests? On our search we found even more articles about the rise of Blackmailing Sr. Contributors to TripAdvisor and this, A little cheesy, but worth looking into.  And in today's credit card world one would think that it is possible and will coming true. After all, how difficult would it be to allow business owners to take a moment to rate their guests? Especially, overnight guests.

We will keep an eye on this topic, do more research, and let you know what we find. I think I might have just begun to find the answers we were looking for.


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