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Old City Blog begins.

I don't know about you, but we love to eat, drink and to see those things that entertain us. And living in
down-town St Augustine Florida make it a perfect - maybe too perfect - place to live.
This Blog is dedicated to our Guests, and other fellow travelers to St Augustine, where we will attempt to convey the coolest places, the best foods, and most quenching drinks, and best music in our little historic village.

So let's gets started.

It's a beautiful day in April, the breeze is light and the sun has not gotten harsh - yet. So the question is, "where to lunch?". Today the question was answered by a prearranged business meeting, and answer is The Floridian on Cordova St.  Their menu is eclectic and everything is delicious.  From fresh catch (Mahi today) to BBQ, great burger, and Meatloaf sandwich! Great soups, salads, and good non-meat choice too.
Their Pescado Fresco Burrito can come with fresh catch or chicken, and we can say with no reservations - like this place - the fresh catch was a decision we did not regret. The seasonal salsa was perfect for the grilled Mahi.  And the side salad was just enough to keep you from over-doing it.   They also have great beer & wine selections, that are always rotating in/out, so be sure to learn what they have available.

Defiantly a 4 out of 4 Lunch stars.  (5 star only used at diner) So be sure to stop in and check it out when you are in town.

  1. Address: 39 Cordova St, St Augustine, FL 32084
    Phone:(904) 829-0655


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