Is it Christmas already???

"A Coastal Christmas” will charm tour goers and guests alike. The Northern half of the Inns will be
open Saturday, and the Southern half of Inns will be open on Sunday, with the doors on both days opening at 1:00 pm each day, and close at 5:00 pm. Get tickets and more info here.

Notice, there are 2 tickets available this year!!!

1) The traditional Saturday through Sunday (Plus the new Monday Bonus locations)
- or -
2) The less expensive:  Monday through Wednesday ticket (Plus the new Monday Bonus locations)

*** The 10 Bonus Properties this year on Monday, December 11, 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm are:
Ximenez-Fatio House Museum
Peña-Peck House Museum
Father Miguel O'Reilly House Museum
Villa Zorayda Museum
Oldest House Museum
Art Association Gallery
Lincolnville Museum
Lightner Museum
Colonial Oak Music Park
Government House
Trinity Episcopal Church

Other Holiday events this year in St. Augustine:
-November 18th: is the 24th annual Light-up Night

The Abby Downton, in St Augustine

We in Saint Augustine see a lot of exhibits and are surrounded by many wonderful museums, so it takes something special to turn our heads. And the traveling exhibit of Dressing Downton 'Changing Fashion for Changing Times' does just that, and then some.

We were luck enough to see the spectral an hour before the opening night gala event. And we barely recognized the 3rd floor ballroom. It's been transformed into rooms of Highclere Castle, if for only 10 weeks. And standing around each 'room' are the beautiful costumes of the the Public TV show, Downton Abby.

The exhibition has stooped at 8 other cities already and this is the last and final place to see the traveling show. Asheville, Richmond, Cincinnati, Anaheim, Oshkosh, Chicago, South Bend, and Nashville have already enjoyed record turnout to see not the actors of this very popular show, but their costumes in the proper setting.

And what a setting! The Lightner Museum has flung open the attic doors and filled th…

Air B&B? Or is it just a Air-B?

Recently we were visiting our neighbors - as we like to do because they are all bartenders - when the folks sitting at the bar next to me announced that they are staying at an Air B&B! And I just had to ask... 'So how's the breakfast?' I was surprised to find out that they did not get breakfast with their Air B&B. So I suggested that they might not be staying at an Air B&B but rather, an Air-B. Because after all, the second B stands for Breakfast.

Bed and Breakfasts are as old as travel itself. The first folks to travel did not have a place to stay when they got to their destination, so someone opened their home to the strangers. I have no doubt that's where manners were borne. They are very popular in a civilized country like England, but one can find them all over Europe and of course now in America.

We Americans changed the the B and B concept a little bit. We took it from sharing a bed in a room at someone's home, where you have to share the bathroo…

Spring is in the air - It's Festival season

If you and your lover don't have enough to do this spring, come to Saint Augustine and enjoy one or more of these fabulous festivals. Many of these festivals have become St Augustine traditions. Along with a romantic bed and breakfast, weekends in St Augustine have been pleasing visitors for decades. 

Grab you honey, book a room at the Hemingway House B&B, and see what all the fun is about....

St. Augustine Lions Club Seafood Festival, Friday-Sunday, March 3-5 Location: Francis Field, W. Castillo Dr. Expect heavy traffic in the vicinity of Francis Field including Ponce de Leon Blvd. (U.S. 1) and San Marco Ave. during the event. Free satellite parking and shuttle service available on Saturday. More information: Click here St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival, March 10-12 Location: Francis Field, W. Castillo Dr. Expect heavy traffic in the vicinity of Francis Field including Ponce de Leon Blvd. (U.S. 1) and San Marco Ave. Some downtown streets closed on Saturday, March 11 …
This is the perfect time to see over 20 bed and breakfasts, all decorated in a holiday theme. This year’s theme of, “Christmas through the years” will charm tour goers and guests alike. The Southern half of the Inns will be open Saturday, and the Northern half of Inns will be open on Sunday, with the doors on both days opening at 1:00 pm each day, and close at 5:00 pm.
What’s more, each B&B will partner with a local restaurant to bring tour goers a taste of what St Augustine restaurants have to offer. This year, our neighbor the: Inn on Charlotte will be partnering again with the fabulous La Pentola who offers fresh and uniquely inspired food and wine. They are neighbors as well as friends, and a place we always recommend to guests.

So get your tickets now because, 1) we sell out every year, and 2) they are on sale until October 1st..  If there were one Christmas event for you to go to this holiday season, this is the one. Not only will it help get you into the spirit of the Christm…

The E. Hemingway Special Daiquiri

Do you know the E. Hemingway special daiquiri recipe? Well I didn’t until I published a book for Roger Shadow,Weekend at Hemingway’s, were I learned that little tidbit and so much more about the great writer. Heck, I even learned the history of the daiquiri! It’s an amazing book that any Hemingway lover should have in their collection. You can buy a copy here
Roger met Hemingway in Cuba, back in 1958, spent the weekend with him (hence the title) and the two men spend the whole time talking, drinking, and eating their way through a slew of topics. From Geo-political topics of the day (before my time) to what Papa thought of the actors/actresses who played his parts in the movies (now part that I liked). They talked of fishing, of course, and boats – well, one boat, the only boat Hemingway owned: Pilar. 
But back to daiquiris; it was in Havana, a place called El Floridita de Cuba, La Habana Vieja where the very first daiquiri was created and they keep pouring them.  And wouldn’t you …

New restaurant in Saint Augustine

And it’s great one.  In the location where Spy was on 21 Hypolita street, is Mam Thai & Sushi Bistro is a new, freshly painted, modern & clean feeling family owned restaurant run by husband & wife (cooking in the kitchen) that makes authentic Thai food. With a unique menu that has lots of options on it, (and extra add-on items that today’s foodies like to eat) it's easy to share plates with friends.
The most important thing is freshness and quality of the food served on our table. So we think Saint Augustine just got a GREAT restaurant on Hypolita Street.   Mam Thai & Sushi Bistro opened only yesterday, 6/16/2016, and is serving top-notch items with only Sake being the one item they were still waiting on (Coming in later today). We stopped by for lunch today and OMG (as the kids say) it is amazing!  You have got to give this place a try.
We ordered several dishes just to get a taste of as much as we could.  Starting with Chicken Satay – moist and delish, with a gre…